Russian Business Invitation Request Form

This online form is for a business invitation only. In order to complete the form you must be able to upload a scan of your passport or your passport card information page(s).  Prior to submitting this online form verify with your Russian hosts that an invitation has not already been arranged for you. Any omissions can delay your invitation or cause it to be issued improperly.

You must upload a scanned, color copy of the information pages of your passport in order to successfully complete your Russian Business Invitation order. Email [email protected] or call 888-665-9956 if you have questions regarding this process.

Your Russian Business Invitation will be sent directly from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or the Ministry of the Interior, directly to the embassy or consulate issuing your visa. You will not receive a copy of this document but you will receive an email with instructions once the invitation is processed.

Personal and Contact Information

Enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport.

Company Data

Details of Trip to Russia

Non-Canadian Citizens: upload permanent resident card scan.

Russian Company Data

Invitation Type and Processing Time*

Visa Type 15 - 30 Processing Days 12 - 14 Processing Days 6 - 7 Processing Days
Single Entry,
Valid Up to 30 Days
  N/A $160 $230
Single Entry,
Valid Up to 90 Days
  N/A $190 $250
Double Entry,
Valid Up to 90 Days
  N/A $210 $270
Multiple Entry,
Valid Up to 1 year*
$500   N/A   N/A
*Prices are inclusive of HST. Multiple entry requests require special clearance and cannot be expedited. In addition to the invitation, the Russian Consulate may ask to see a Russian visa issued in the previous year. EU nationals may be refused a multiple entry visa even if they have an official multiple entry invitation.

*Please note that fees for Business Invitations for Non-Canadian passport holders might be subject to change. CIBTvisas will contact you for the approval of the new fees.

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Payment Method

CIBTvisas will collect payment after your request has been submitted.

CIBTvisas assesses a 6.9% processing fee on government agency fees only. Learn more

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