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Over 10 Million Travellers have used CIBT and subsidiaries VisaCentral and Visa Connection, to get the documentation they need to travel nearly anywhere in the world.  We offer a fast and easy solution for travellers in need of travel visas and other important documents required for entry into numerous countries throughout the world.  We are dedicated to finding a creative solution when a traveller’s trip is at risk. 

The following case studies demonstrate how individuals, corporations, tour operators, and cruise lines benefit from working with CIBT and subsidiaries VisaCentral and Visa Connection.

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 Delivering Personal Attention and Professional Service

  1. Performance Under Pressure

Problem:  In 2010, the Washington, D.C. metro area endured the worst snowstorm of the century, shutting down the Federal Government and most embassies and consulates for an entire week.

CIBT Solution: Despite the severe weather, CIBT remained open and continued to operate its Washington, D.C. office despite the fact that the entire metro area was almost completely shut-down.  Employees stayed at nearby hotels to guarantee that they would be able to get to work.  The staff on hand continued to process requests and even traveled by train to CIBT’s New York City office to ship completed orders.  Through dedication, perseverance, and strategic planning, CIBT’s trained specialists ensured that customers received their documents during a time of crisis.

  1. Technology Meets Travel Innovation

Problem:  An international airline with a reputation for state of the art technology was interested in offering its passengers instant approval for an Australian ETA. 

CIBT Solution:  CIBT’s technology team developed a program that allowed passengers to move seamlessly from the airline site to a branded portal to obtain their ETA in real time.  Passengers can now get approval to travel to Australia in 5 minutes or less.  The portal also provides information for every destination covered by the airline.  The airline is confident their passengers are now receiving the most up to date Australian ETA and visa information.

  1. Creative Solutions for Travel Visas

Problem:  A major cruise line was boarding passengers for the start of a 100 day World Cruise when they discovered that 8 passengers had not applied for any of the required travel visas.

CIBT Solution:  A CIBT travel visa consultant was sent to the ship with the travel visa applications for each country.  After collecting the passports and necessary documentation, CIBT arranged for expedited processing with the necessary embassies.  Our staff member was able to fly out to the next port of call and hand-deliver the passports, with the required travel visas, to the ship’s purser.

  1. 24 Hour Personal Service

Problem:  A banking executive was returning to the Canada on the red eye and needed to depart the same evening for India, however he did not have the necessary travel visa.

CIBT Solution:  CIBT coordinated a plan with the traveller’s secretary to collect the business letter, invitation, and photos that day and provided the traveller with the CIBT Airport Meet and Greet Service when his flight arrived the next morning at 8 a.m.  The traveller signed his application form, turned over his passport to the CIBT travel visa and passport expert, and the documents were rushed to the High Commission for same-day processing.  CIBT was able to collect the issued travel visa and deliver the passport to the executive’s office before he left for the airport that evening.

  1. Replacing a Passport in a Pinch

Problem:  The president of a leading international consulting firm discovered that his passport was lost the day before he was scheduled to depart on a multi-country trip to meet with key clients.  The lost passport contained all of his valid travel visas.

CIBT Solution:  CIBT’s passport specialist team spoke to his office and discovered that the traveller had a photocopy of his passport. Our passport and travel visa units worked together to obtain a replacement for the traveller’s lost passport and also processed paperwork on his behalf for a second passport issued to frequent travellers. The businessman departed for the first leg of his journey carrying the replacement passport, while the second passport was used to obtain the travel visas necessary for the final leg of his trip. Once the travel visas were issued, CIBT staff arranged for the delivery of the travel visa stamped passport to his hotel while en route.

  1. Teamwork Produces Winning Results

Problem:  A premier league soccer team was given short notice to obtain multiple visas for their players in order to compete in an upcoming Russian exhibition match.  However, the players were out of the country on break.

CIBT Solution:  CIBT was able to coordinate a schedule with the team’s travel organizers to expedite visa applications and letters of invitation on behalf of the team’s players, obtain second passports for players, and arrange invitations to Russia. The visas were expedited at each embassy and the team was able to depart on time for their match.

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